SMART Mobility

Secure mobility. Micro-mobility. Autonomous. Ridesharing. Telematics.

The era of smart mobility is here. Accessible and multi-modal transportation has become the basic expectation of the customers. But thriving in the competition would take more than meeting their expectations; you must exceed them.

Movate’s services for SMART (Secure, Micromobility, Autonomous, Ridesharing, Telematics) mobility domain are designed to anticipate and exceed your customer’s expectations with innovative technologies and agile strategies. Our cutting-edge technology enables shared mobility, connectivity, and real-time interaction to offer a superior CX. Provide world-class support to your customers by automating processes, such as technical support, concierge services, L1 support, and warranty management. Leverage our data-driven intelligence, machine learning, predictive analysis, IoT, and digital engineering in mobility services to stand out from the competition.

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Key offerings

Digital customer experience

Shift your CX into next gear

Seamless services and a streamlined digital journey are integral to a superior customer experience. Enhance every facet of your customer’s journey with Movate’s digital customer experience services. Leverage technologies like virtual assistants, AI, and data-driven insights to offer quick and seamless support. Disrupt the mobility industry and future-proof your organization with our transformative CX solutions in mobility services for smart mobility.

mobility services - exceptional CX

Key offerings

Enterprise Product Services

Revv up product performance

Automate your enterprise processes and revv up efficiency with Movate’s wide range of enterprise product services. Leverage real-time data and machine learning to create faster, safer, and more sustainable products and services. Provide premium customer care, dealer support, and warranty management services like a pro. Build a seamless customer experience by taking advantage of our cognitive technologies.

mobility services - revv up product performance

Key offerings

Digital Infrastructure Services

Streamline IT to support your velocity

Smart mobility is about streamlining processes to create cleaner, safer, and more efficient mobility services. Our digital infrastructure services seamlessly manage and transform your IT to drive revenue and business value. Enhance your operational efficiency and drive agility with our hybrid cloud services. Leverage the cloud to reimagine an agile and secure infrastructure, and drive CX across touchpoints.

mobility services - streamline IT support

Key offerings

Digital Engineering and Insights

Hit the gas on digital transformation

Technology and innovation are the keys to growth in the mobility sector. Transform swiftly with Movate’s disruptive digital services. Develop sustainable digital strategies and solutions that enable business growth while protecting the environment. Leverage analytics to make data-driven decisions and prepare for extraordinary situations. Harness geospatial data to power autonomous tech and deliver smarter customer solutions.

mobility services from movate

Driving impact

  • Pre-built automotive workflows in unified Agent 360 dashboard with customer context, omnichannel engagement, recall integration, connected vehicle data, single integrated KB with knowledge articles pulled from multiple sources like parts manufacturers, dealers, insurance, etc.
  • Intelligent Virtual Assistants and Mobile Assistant with Visual IVR, in-app customer support, user manuals, in-app sales offer integration and performance analytics for reducing customer effort
  • Multiple teams of agents trained in specific brand and automotive standards and solutions to meet the varied demands of complex case work, resulting in 25% drop in call abandonment rates
  • Complex case management including vehicle buy-back, lemon law, recall, VIP customers and more
  • Advanced analytics to provide intelligence on customers, customer journeys and operational insights based on VIN number, vehicle usage, etc.
  • Integrated support ecosystem of chat, email, self-help, and voice channels
  • L1-L4 tech support for advanced technology and smart products across diverse geographies
  • Multilingual and cross-functional tech support across front office RMA, logistics, invoicing, account management, incident resolution

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