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Digital transformation has forced organizations everywhere to do better, be more agile and innovative, and adapt quickly to changes. Staying relevant in this environment is challenging but not impossible. The future is digital. So why aren’t you?

Movate’s wide range of digital transformation services is tailored to transform all aspects of your enterprise into a digital powerhouse. With our years of expertise in front-end development, testing, and analytics, we develop and maintain front-to-back application services with domain-centric outcomes. Powered by data analytics, testing, and smart automation services, we design a desirable user experience.

Leverage our in-house accelerators, solutions, and 4 award-winning platforms. Take advantage of our work on next-gen immersive techs like AR/VR, computer vision, and features recognition. Modernize your core applications, accelerate your transformation to a digital organization, delight your customers with an innovative CX, and reimagine your future with Movate as your partner.

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Key offerings

Modernize your core applications

App development and maintenance

Modernize your core applications and achieve the agility needed to keep up with the ever-evolving customer needs. We enable you to design, develop, and deploy agile and innovative applications to drive business relevance. From application modernization to platform migration, we provide all the services to enable you to deliver maximum digital value and gain a significant competitive edge.

Key offerings

Leverage the intrinsic power of data

Data analytics and AI

Harness the power of data to gain unique insights and deliver meaningful CX. Future-proof your organization with data-driven decisions. Our services include data and analytics consulting, AI and data science services, master data management services, and much more. Leverage Movate Insights and ValuePlus framework to gain an in-depth understanding of your customers, streamline business operations, and personalize the customer experience.

Key offerings

Drive consistent user experience

Digital assurance and testing

A consistent and wholesome user experience is the key to your success. Our quality assurance framework spans across seven UX layers from functional to behavioral to ensure your digital ecosystems work smoothly and consistently across all touchpoints. Our digital QA and testing services ensure your systems remain highly responsive, scalable, and available. Reduce risks and time-to-market and optimize costs with Movate.

Key offerings

Transform your automation journey

Smart automation services

Doing repetitive tasks manually is the bane of employee productivity and overall profits. Our smart automation services help automate your mundane tasks and deploy an enterprise-wide automation strategy. Enhance decision-making with our AI-powered intelligent automation systems and our technology partnerships with leading RPA solution providers. Get the perfect AI companion to human intelligence!

Key offerings

Harness the power of gig

Gig peer experts for intelligence

Merely digitalizing your processes is not enough. After your organization has embraced digitization, you will require support at various points. Our gig peer experts for intelligence provide data labeling and annotation support, and AI training. Reduce operational costs and accelerate application adoption across the enterprise. Get the right support here.

Key offerings

Engineer human-centered experiences

Experience engineering services

Businesses thrive when they are committed to human experience. The digital-first approach has helped organizations thrive and keep their focus on improving customer experiences. Drive personalized experiences with a hybrid content managed system, AI-powered insights, and agile digital transformation. With Movate as your partner, create an omnichannel reach of your customers, get customized applications, and expedite your market readiness.

Key offerings

Revolutionize business with locational intelligence

Geospatial and locational intelligence

Geospatial intelligence has increased the local and hyperlocal growth opportunities for businesses exponentially. Movate’s geospatial and locational intelligence services help you tap into the hidden potential of location data by delivering smarter and better insights. Our range of services includes GIS consulting and assessment, data acquisition and processing, content management, spatial analytics, and industry-specific geospatial solutions.

Key offerings

Make your systems sustainable

Digital sustainability services

Customers today have become more climate-conscious and expect the same from their favrorite brands. Businesses can no longer thrive without taking accountability for their carbon footprint. Movate’s digital sustainability services ensure that your digital transformation does not come at the cost of the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint while optimizing your digital assets with us. Your journey towards a sustainable future starts here!

Driving Impact

  • Holistic application engineering expertise from “concept” to “market”
  • Seamless integration of technology into application services
  • Automation and DevOps led agile development & support
  • Customizable configurable scripts – Almost codeless test automation
  • Up to 60% of usability issues are detected in the development cycle
  • Language independent visual testing
  • NLP-based solution for analysing information, and build models for providing recommendations
  • Combination of enterprise-ready open-source tools, partner tools and in-house tools
  • Customized services and solutions driven by client outcomes

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