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Telecommunications and media industry has been the pioneer of digitalization with early adoption of cutting-edge technology. The rapidly growing market and evolving customer expectations have necessitated businesses to always stay on the top of their game. Telecom and media enterprises have constantly reinvented themselves in the face of disruption. Movate can help you connect people and things skillfully and thrive in this digital world.

Our wide range of services on Telecom Customer Experiences helps telecommunication and media companies across the globe navigate the ever-changing market by creating holistic experiences and smarter infrastrcutures. Our services are tailored to sustainably transform all aspects of your enterprise by combining digital and analytics tools, streamlining operations, and offering personalized CX.

We help companies drive growth, build customer loyalty, and increase revenue by leveraging the power of automation and AI. Reimagine your processes, transform your business model, and provide outstanding CX with Movate as your partner.

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This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Key offerings

Movate Gen AI

Accelerate Business Value with Enterprise-grade Generative AI

Generative AI is propelling telecom and media enterprises into a new era of communication excellence by optimizing networks, predicting failures, and enhancing customer service. Movate’s Gen AI offers a strong foundation for embedding Generative AI into your enterprise systems. And it delivers unprecedented customer experience while building agile and scalable infrastructures. Leverage our fully managed and ROI-efficient Movate GenAI services to kickstart your Generative AI journey.

telecom customer experiences: accelerate business

Key offerings

Digital Customer Experience

Drive meaningful CX and grow subscriber base

A delighted subscriber base is the key to the success of telecom and media enterprises. Movate’s digital customer experience services improve customer satisfaction by offering hyper-personalized content in innovative ways. Provide round-the-clock L1, L2, and L3 technical support to your customers. Take advantage of our agile and innovative customer acquisition strategies to accelerate your revenue generation.

telecom customer experiences: drive meaningful CX

Key offerings

Enterprise Product Services

Stay relevant amidst fierce competition

Gain the competitive edge and grow your B2B business with Movate’s enterprise product services. We help you respond quickly to the changes in the market, think boldly, and reimagine the future. Leverage our 25+ years of enterprise tech expertise and advanced AI, analytics and automation capabilities to deliver world-class professional services, generate revenue, drive customer success and provide award-winning technical support.

telecom customer experiences: Stay relevant

Key offerings

Digital Infrastructure Services

Transform your IT ecosystem

The telecom and media industry moves fast. Stay ahead of the curve with Movate’s digital infrastructure services. Leverage hybrid cloud seamlessly to connect better and undertake swift cloud-native development and deployment of solutions across the enterprise. Drive efficiency of your digital ecosystem with our telecom and enterprise networking expertise, comprehensive security solutions and innovative workplace offerings.

Key offerings

Digital Engineering and Insights

Build future-forward applications

Telecommunications and media companies don’t adapt to the future; they define it. Transform your organization into a digital powerhouse with our digital engineering and insights services. Leverage the power of data and AI to future-proof your organization. Modernize your processes to drive business relevance and build future-forward applications. Increase your resilience and drive sustainable growth.

Key offerings

Customer retention

Become a growth engine with strong customer retention

The post-covid consumer is cautious and selective. And expectations for customer service are high. Our account management and retention services team ensures you consistently demonstrate value with predictive engagement. We perceive customer goals and nurture strong relationships with thought and empathy for higher customer retention. Wow your customers and drive long-term loyalty with us.

Key offerings

CX transformation as a service

Future-proof your CX ecosystem with end-to-end transformation

Our CX transformation-aaS services combine CX strategy with technological innovation, intelligent automation, and experienced customer service professionals. It’s an end-to-end, cost-effective solution that helps you scale, build relationships, and create channel-less experiences. As your CX transformation partner, we help you with digital and cultural transformation and future-proof your CX.

Driving impact

  • Insight-powered outbound, inbound and web sales across multiple channels
  • Outcome-based engagement based on number of active customers per month
  • Proactively engage customers across the sales cycle to drive higher ARPU and CLV
  • Integrated support ecosystem of chat, email, self-help, and voice channels
  • L1-L4 tech support for advanced products across diverse geographies
  • Multilingual and cross-functional tech support across front office RMA, logistics, invoicing, account management, incident resolution
  • Multilingual and cross-functional tech support across front office RMA, logistics, invoicing, account management, incident resolution
  • Enable support engineers with technology to reduce AHT
  • Automated customer engagement to furnish missing information and drive consistency
  • Process QA automation to drive 100% case audits and process adherence
  • 24×7 NOC monitoring & management of infrastructure assets
  • Availability monitoring, uptime monitoring, incident management, change & problem management
  • Reduce TCO and increase efficiency with intelligent automation

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