Digital transformation and brand management of a global leader

brand management


The client is a global leader in manufacturing upscale cosmetics, including quality skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care. Their products include over 1,000 brands with a presence in 50 countries. Achieve global leadership through digital transformation strategies, emphasizing brand management for optimal market positioning and sustained growth.



The client realized that branding was essential to creating differentiation and competitive advantage in their industry. Their core technology platform was aging and struggling to support their increasing number of brands (over 1,000 and growing). They needed to invest in digital technologies to deliver great customer experiences with the convenience, personalization, and freedom to take brand engagement to a new high.


Movate designed a structured digital approach to strengthening existing infrastructure, improving time to market, and providing seamless customer experiences across multiple channels through four strategic digital experience enablers:

1.Digital Content Management
2.Consumer Experience Transformation
3.Quality Assurance
4.Accessibility Testing


  • Migrated the existing PERL-based content management system to DRUPAL to reach audiences across multiple channels.
  •  Enabled the client to adapt to changing business demands through improved workflows and processes, reduced website deployment, maintenance, and accelerated go-to-market scope.


  • Enhanced customer experience and relationships across channels through:
  • Third-party tool integrations and social plugins such as FB, Google, YouTube, Extole
  • Live Chat Integrated digital wallets (PayPal, Apple Pay, Ingenico)
  • Multiple payment options on the mobile application.
  • Piloted feature integrations for key markets with a global rollout to 93 sites across 14 Brands 5 regions in 9 months
  • Scaled team’s capability for working with multiple Payment Gateways and solution Integration for Web/In-App/Pay LaterTransformed the website experience by implementing customer-focused features such as gift cards, store locators, intuitive image and video search, and offer manager.
  • Integrated a brand-driven Virtual Try on section for personalized product offers and real-time tech experiences
  • Created an adaptive user experience design & layout based on requesting viewport
  • Seamless integration with stores,’ POS systems, web, mobile sites, and offline programs
  • Used adaptive forms for engaging user experience to earn and spend points online


  • Set up a Center of Excellence to strengthen Selenium-based testing automation efforts for customers’ brand websites and applications.
  • Migrated multiple brand sites from existing (Radial) Payment gateway to Adyen with zero impact on business
  • Ensured PCI DSS compliance for payment gateway’s SDKs and integrated forms
  • Global Rollouts for 30+ markets in 6 months, with zero defects.
  • Created a wide range of testing solutions to enhance quality and customer experience, including functional, integration, regression, API, security, performance, and mobile app testing


  • Performed digital accessibility testing for 7,200 website pages & 1,000 product lines to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act standards. Resolved accessibility issues for full ADA compliance and met Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (including Level A, Level AA, and Level AAA conformance).
  • Enabled all websites to have an accessible and universal user experience design outlook addressing specific needs of visually challenged users


  • 85% Increase in CSAT due to improved digital experiences across channels, and adoption of customer-centric initiatives
  • 20% Faster Time to Market by streamlining digital practices across digital channels and websites
  • 95% Automation of early detection of ADA Defects and issues ensured faster alignment to compliance laws
  • 18% Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership through platform migration, Center of Excellence approach, standardized delivery, and improved governance

About Movate

Movate, formerly CSS Corp, is a digital technology and customer experience services company committed to disrupting the industry with boundless agility, human-centered innovation, and a relentless focus on driving client outcomes. Recognized as one of the most awarded and analyst-accredited companies in its revenue range, Movate helps ambitious, growth-oriented companies across industries stay ahead of the curve by leveraging its world-class talent of over 11,700+ full-time Movators across 20 global locations and a gig network of thousands of technology experts across 60 countries, speaking over 100 languages.