Directly OnDemand

Untapped talent. Unprecedented flexibility. Reduce contact center volumes by 40% with next-gen gig customer experience ecosystem

Directly OnDemand is our unique gig customer support platform that harnesses passionate and knowledgeable freelance talent from across the globe who know, love, and are expert users of our customers’ products, to provide elevated yet empathetic support from a user perspective. Not a traditional BPO partner, we are a refreshing, new way for businesses to find and reward their most loyal users to provide an exceptional peer-to-peer support experience that complements your in-house support centers.

Directly OnDemand offers a one-of-a-kind unique services model that blends gig experts, traditional support agents/experts, and world-class AI/automation platforms. It delivers boundless flexibility and the scale of the gig, benefits of intelligent automation, and stability of full-time traditional support agents, all while driving industry-leading CSAT.

Key differentiators

A sustainable solution to skilled talent crunch

A global network of on-demand gig peer experts with hands-on experience on your products to provide support in 100+ languages

Guaranteed quality

Rigorous vetting process to onboard only highly qualified experts and stringent QC standards

Unique gig plus full-time experts support model

The power of gig experts coupled with our 12,000+ full-time experts creates endless possibilities for our customer

Pay for outcomes only

With our success-based pricing model, pay only for resolved contacts

Flexible scalability for dynamic talent needs

With little to no training, the peer expert network can quickly scale up and down to meet your dynamic talent needs

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Omnichannel support capability

Improve your service delivery and provide on-demand support across channels with Directly OnDemand

  • IVR
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Chat
  • Email
  • Web tickets
  • Voice

Driving impact

  • Bring efficiency and agility with intelligent automation
  • Leverage pay-per-resolution model
  • Provide the right expert at the right time
  • Automate repetitive requests
  • Deliver empathetic and personalized resolutions
  • Provide high-quality responses with peer-to-peer rating methodology
  • Presence of both on-demand and full-time experts
  • Fully support and easily integrate into most CRM platforms

Why Directly OnDemand?

Key Features

Elastic network of gig peer experts

Source, screen, and onboard your best customers who love to provide empathetic customer support and they are ready to start with minimal training

Patented intent analysis & routing

Advanced predictive routing algorithms identify customer intent in real-time and pair them with experts based on their reputation score ensuring the best support possible.

Reputation engine

Gig peer experts get a ‘reputation score’ based on the user ratings, peer reviews, etc., and experts with higher scores get more requests thus encouraging them to improve performance

Peer quality review process

A strong quality process where peer experts review and provide feedback and they are compensated based on their writing and reviewing answers, contributing to KM, etc.

Power of full-time experts

Directly OnDemand blends full-time experts along with the power of Gig to provide unprecedented scalability and experience.

Enterprise privacy & security



SOC 2 Type II

Directly OnDemand is designed and built on a foundation of privacy and security. All data is protected by a rigorous set of enterprise-level controls, policies, and practices. Our solutions are fully compliant with regulations and set up for enterprise scalability.

  • SOC 2 Type II
  • GDPR
  • CCPA

Pre-built integrators


Oracle Service Cloud

Microsoft Dynamics

Salesforce Service Cloud

Directly OnDemand is fully supported and seamlessly integrated into most CRM platforms and messaging applications.


By channel

Web & e-mail – Accelerate web & e-mail support

Web & email solution integrates into your helpdesk and can provide your customers faster responses and full resolution without requiring an agent.

Messaging – Scale messaging without headcount

Messaging solution provides both automation and highly flexible staffing to deliver an effortless customer experience.

IVR – Selectively shift phone calls to digital

IVR to Messaging solution gives your customers the ability to instantly shift from a phone call to a fully staffed messaging experience.

By Initiative

Digital transformation

Shift phone calls to messaging — and offer customers a faster and more effortless digital experience.

Business continuity

In the wake of COVID-19, a diversified contact center strategy is no longer a nice to have. Our solution helps improve business continuity by reducing your reliance on the traditional contact center and creating disaster recovery solutions.

Workforce augmentation

We’ll help you adjust your workforce composition to include a network of on-demand experts. Boost CSAT, and response times, and save millions.

Industries covered


Resolve questions related to troubleshooting, product releases, bugs, account & billing questions, and much more by leveraging real-time tech support experts Benefits

  • 3M customer problems solved a year
  • 90% CSAT and above
  • 22% automation rate

Tap Product & Technical Specialists
Recruit experienced product users, who also have technical expertise in troubleshooting software applications, to contribute to your customer service organization.

Automate Repetitive Technical Questions Automatically serve continuously updated
troubleshooting content, written by on-demand experts, to address frequently asked technical questions.

Deliver ROI Outside the Contact Center
Resolve a wide range of questions before they reach the contact center, delivering a higher CSAT, faster response times, reduce contact center reliance, and lower cost per contact.


We’ll help you adjust your workforce composition to include a network of on-demand experts. Boost CSAT, and response times, and save millions.

  • 90% CSAT
  • Reduced ticket time
  • Enhanced customer experience

Tap Into Telco Device & App Experts
Access technical specialists, who have deep expertise in troubleshooting carrier issues, and can help your customers with a wide array of inquiries.

Automatic Answers Tuned to Carrier Issues
Deliver automatic answers to resolve commonly asked questions. Pull from telco-specific content, written by telco domain experts on an ongoing basis.

Deliver ROI Outside the Contact Center
Resolve a wide range of questions before they reach the contact center, delivering a higher CSAT, faster response times, and lower cost per contact.


Troubleshoot gamer support issues related to outages, internet connectivity, consoles, and other related applications by leveraging flexible experts for support in games

  • 2M customer problems solved a year
  • 90% CSAT and above
  • 25% automation rate

Tap the Expertise of Technical Specialists
Gaming experts, who have deep expertise in troubleshooting internet connectivity, consoles, and connected applications, can help your gamers troubleshoot a wide array of issues.

Automatically Resolve Frequently Asked Questions
Serve automatic answers, written by technical specialists, to address common troubleshooting questions related to the game and consoles.

Deliver ROI at Scale
Resolve technical troubleshooting before it reaches the contact center, delivering a higher CSAT, faster response times, and lower cost per contact

Our experts

Experience the magic of experts’ deep expertise. Lightning-fast responses. 24/7.

Highly skilled professionals

Choose on-demand experts with deep product and technical expertise, who can troubleshoot issues with precision.

Pay the expert on performance basis

Each expert is evaluated based on customer feedback, and when an issue is managed without an agent’s support.

Top qualifications

Most of our on-demand experts have advanced educational qualifications and demonstrated strong all-around abilities in solving complex issues.

Personalized human interactions

With deep understanding and experience with technical issues, an expert offers personalized solutions tailored to your business. What you get is empathetic, crystal-clear communication.

Multilingual support

Extend your reach and access with experts from around the world. Each of our professionals can speak at least 2 languages fluently enabling you to deliver support in 100+ languages.

Gig that empowers

  • Engage with non-profits like Refugee Employment Partnership, Upwardly Global, etc. to source potential expert
  • Offer equitable access to employment opportunities and accelerate economic uplift
  • Onboard experts with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to promote equity and inclusion
  • Provide structured training and certifications to help people in the program expand skillsets and explore career paths
  • Empowering underserved communities with opportunities to learn skills, gain experiences and earn on Directly OnDemand

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