Women at Movate

women at movate

Because of HER we can

As an equal opportunity employer, we believe in creating a culture that empowers and encourages people at every level of the organization. Our policies, therefore, promote equality and diversity, providing a fair playground for all employees.

Our commitment to accelerating equality has enabled us to create an environment that encourages innovation and fosters a culture where everyone has an opportunity to build a career. With renewed vigor, we’ve set ourselves to achieve the task of a 50:50 workforce and position Movate as the pink megaphone for women’s voices in the industry. We believe that a workplace culture that leverages the strengths and capabilities of women can serve as a strategic differentiator.

We’ve launched W25, a holistic leadership program that mentors women employees and provides a platform for their voices to be heard. We foster uninhibited safe spaces for women to “lean in” and have more than just a seat at the table. We have created small yet impactful initiatives through our talent sourcing programs, recruitment, training, onboarding, and reskilling. It’s why we believe Movate to be the organization where women can blossom to their fullest potential. After all, we are here to accelerate equality.

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Women at Movate

Equal hiring and employment

We strive for a heterogeneous mix that spans genders, abilities, and cultures in every job market that we hire from.

We offer holistic mentorship programs to groom the next batch of women leaders.

women at movate: beyond flexibility

Beyond flexibility

We ensure the smooth onboarding of women Movators after career breaks.

New moms benefit from flexi-work arrangement policies and childcare facilities.

women at movate: wellbeing and wellness

Wellbeing and wellness

We offer the industry’s best maternity leave programs, counseling with certified experts, and safe commute/shuttle options.

Our POSH policy (Prevention of sexual harassment) ensures a safe and secure working environment for Movators.

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