CX Transformation as a Service

The strategy, technology, and people to transform your CX with as-a-service benefit

Every company constantly strives to improve customer experience. Only a strategy that can integrate all the separate efforts can offer a meaningful CX. And we can help you with that. By choosing our CX as a service platform, you can get your customers’ loyalty, while increasing your revenues and ROIs.

Gone are the days when an incomplete view of the customers was enough to build their loyalty. Customers today need a tailor-made customer experience to keep coming back to the brand. Our CX services will not only give them a meaningful experience but also provide you with an inexpensive and scalable CXaaS model.

Our CXaaS combines CX technology, service talent, and expertise to deliver an enhanced and valuable customer experience. We collect data at multiple levels and use it to map every customer’s journey to make their interactions with your brand unforgettable. A phenomenal CX is only possible with a great EX. Aligned CX and EX, scalable infrastructure, and inexpensive and efficient CX model; get all this and more with Movate.

Enabling CX strategy

No size fits all. Similarly, no one CX strategy can be the right fit for everyone. Our CX consultants and domain experts are there for you to provide tailored solutions for your business.

  • End-to-end CX strategy aligned to your vision
  • Customizable platform for every employee role
  • Integrate technology, services, and talent
  • Implement customer-centric initiatives quickly and efficiently

Pay only for outcomes

A partnership that increases your efficiency while reducing your costs is the only one that can grow your business. We offer CXaaS in a consumption-based model, which means you only need to pay only for pre-agreed business outcomes.

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Ownership of end-to-end CX innovation
  • Reduce operational costs while ensuring revenue generation

Map your customers’ journey

Every interaction your customers have with your brand is an important clue in determining their perspective. Only sophisticated CXaaS technology and different analyses can give you a 360-degree view of your customers. The data can help you understand your customers’ changing behavior and improve your services.

Movate can give you all this and more.

  • Use behavioral data to grow and make informed decisions
  • Data analytics to identify brand trends and create insights
  • Ensure a flexible and personalized approach to each customer by understanding their motivations
  • Receive insights and data tailored to meet your unique needs

Insights-driven transformation

Leverage data-driven insights and automate your processes to establish a seamless connection across all departments. Our automation tools, SaaS platform, and artificial intelligence can quickly assess and adapt according to the insights.

  • Improve CSAT and NPS
  • Accelerate CX transformation
  • Enable customer self-service and AI chatbots

Accelerate CX operations’ agility

Accelerate the processes and enable operational agility with our latest automation and scalable infrastructure. Our CXaaS model allows for constant growth and improvement. With the latest analyses and technology, we can constantly optimize your processes and CX.

  • Optimize self-service and agent-assisted experiences
  • Enable omnichannel interactions
  • Scalable infrastructure to ensure operational agility
  • Align long-term strategy and operational goals

Elements of CX transformation


Tailor-made strategies to provide excellent customer and employee experiences


Automate your processes to enhance customer-driven interactions, reduce time consumption, and get insight-driven data


A global pool of talent trained and empowered to transform your CX services


Regular quality controls and constant improvement to ensure operational excellence


Omnichannel and personalized delivery to provide the best outcomes

Accelerate. Innovate. Movate.

This reflects who we are at the core, what we stand for, live, and breathe every single day. This powers our brand and inspires every Movator to pursue excellence at work with speed and innovation.

Experience channel-less freedom

We have the omnichannel capabilities to provide seamless no-stitch experiences to your customers and remarkable business outcomes at lower costs.

  • Augmented reality
  • Chat
  • Email
  • E-commerce
  • Social media
  • Remote login
  • In-person
  • SMS
  • Support app
  • Web
  • Video
  • Voice

Driving impact

  • Global CX services re-design and tech-enabled delivery
  • Homogenous next-gen global technology ecosystem powered by cloud-based CX
  • Shift-left strategy with automation and analytics to understand and improve customer journeys
  • Managed services model to manage end-to-end CX operations
  • Outcome-based engagement based on number of active customers per month
  • Analytical modeling and churn predictions for proactive support to sales
  • Enable technical support teams with technology to drive smooth channel-less experiences
  • Associate personas created based on skills, personality type, and past performance
  • Real-time routing to best associate based on AI profiles with service personalization
  • Personalize the experience for customers based on intent
  • Best agent routing in real time for handling customer based on AI profile
  • Priority routing for high value customers with white glove support across all channels of support

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