Geospatial and Locational Intelligence

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Organizations consistently develop new business applications for geospatial technology and integrate location data in the decision-making process. Movate offers geospatial technology services to deliver visualization of location or spatial data, insights into spatial relationships, and simplified data management. Unlock the potential of geospatial data with advanced AI and analytics. Achieve the highest quality results quickly and effortlessly by automating all the manual work. Gain smarter insights into geospatial data with advanced analytics.

Our portfolio encompasses geographic information systems (GIS), geo-image processing, mapping, and geo-analytics services. Our geospatial consultants help organizations from assessing business needs and crafting a customized enterprise GIS strategy to planning and implementation. Leverage our expertise in data acquisition, data correlation, data management, mapping, reporting, and analytics. Use innovative geospatial technologies to incorporate research findings into operational processes.

GIS consulting and assessment

Experts believe that the geographical component of all data accounts for around 80% of all data created. Smart businesses are merging this data with user consumption patterns to drive smarter, real-time decision-making while generating customized solutions for end users. Movate helps organizations plan and implement enterprise GIS solutions that enable stakeholders to access business data, integrate workflows and enterprise systems, and interface asset management systems with geospatial data for business operations. Organizations at every stage of their geospatial journey can benefit from our strategies. Take advantage of a customized, industry-specific GIS strategy that will work best in your context. Make better decisions that get your business closer to its goals.

  • We strategize your geospatial systems that can analyze the data and provide actionable insights
  • Leverage our as-is business assessment and analysis, enterprise GIS strategy definition, GIS vision, and roadmap
  • Seamless integration with enterprise systems like ERP, asset management, and CRM to drive greater business outcomes

Data acquisition services

High-quality geographic data acquisition is a major time and resource drain on GIS projects, typically accounting for 60–80% of total project costs. Projects have varying needs. Therefore, it’s important to tailor data collection efforts accordingly. Movate provides a comprehensive suite of data collecting services to effectively satisfy user requirements. All geospatial services begin with collecting relevant spatial data. We ensure the spatial data collected is precise and of the highest quality. We handle all your imagery needs for aerial, mobile, and terrestrial surveys. From the procurement of high-quality satellite and aerial imagery to specialized 360-degree imagery for panoramic “street view” or oblique aerial imagery, Movate is your source for all the data you need.

  • Capture 3-dimensional geospatial information quickly, efficiently, and accurately with Light Detecting and Ranging (LiDAR)
  • Process large amounts of dense data to produce accurate digital models of numerous geological features
  • Leverage crowdsourcing to fund the collecting of geographical data in a cost-effective manner

Data processing management

Movate provides a wide variety of services for creating 3D maps based on data gathered. Our cutting-edge machine learning programs automatically extract meaningful features and tag the source data, reducing data processing costs and time. Data is only valuable if it is useful and accurate. At Movate, we provide curation and data validation services to create an inventory, clean the data, develop a data dictionary, manage metadata, and ensure file fidelity, autonomous driving content maps, and security. Our data validation and curation services employ big data, private data, and probe data to validate geospatial data and anticipate expected data quality, and process changes without the need for time-consuming human-agent research.

  • We use specialized conflation techniques to combine information from multiple sources, resulting in significantly more accurate information.
  • Leverage cost-effective, automated techniques to convert and migrate data including digitizing, scanning, CAD conversion, and image interpretation
  • Minimize redundancy and reconcile data conflicts using automation and tools

Spatial analytics and insights

Movate’s mature analytics capabilities help enterprises acquire insights from geographical data. We deliver actionable insights into locational data and real-time data streams, such as geographical patterns, interdependencies between objects and assets, and spatio-temporal changes, to assist enterprises to find key spatial relationships in massive datasets. Discover correlations between geospatial data and other information to detect relationships over space and time. Our comprehensive spatial analytics services include consulting, and implementation with business intelligence and analytics, ensuring the success of your project from the outset.

  • Determine line of sight and predict signal strength at key locations
  • Optimize routes or locations by combining geographic, demographic, and marketing data sets
  • Detect geographic clusters such as hotspots, spatio-temporal, 360-degree imagery, and cold spots and visualize how they change over time

Custom application development

Movate delivers end-to-end services for developing applications and systems that leverage the most advanced technologies including location-based analytics, secure cloud, AI, digital, and conversational X. Using location as an attribute, we perform operational activities in marketing, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, navigation, utilities, and more. Harness the value of your technology investments by overcoming complex system integration challenges inside and outside your organization. Our project management, functional, and testing services deliver strategic outcomes from your technology deployment efforts. Your geospatial data belongs in the real world, not in an office. Unlock the value of your data, including mobile web app, and native and hybrid apps, using our web and mobile experience.

  • Capture, manage, and analyze high-velocity geographic, real-time data streams from your sensors and field equipment
  • Harness the power of emerging technologies with technology geospatial data migration services
  • Access your geographic data accessible on any platform‌, anytime

Industry-specific geospatial solutions

Movate combines our deep understanding of telecoms with geospatial capabilities to deliver unique solutions for wireless, wireline, and other infrastructure systems. Leverage our analytical solutions that allow you to target your network investments toward the highest-growth areas. Seamlessly integrate with real-time maps and tracking using project management tools. Geotag the location of physical assets, easements, and access points, and implement efficient operational routes for laying, maintenance, and operations. Use geospatial + IoT sensors to monitor the performance of infrastructures such as electric, water, sewer, or gas lines. Analyze high-velocity data streams and perform real-time integration with geospatial information to develop analytical insights. Overlay utility maps with the latest land base map to understand the impact of developments on existing assets. Take advantage of our 3D GIS mapping services, 360-degree imagery, GPS navigation systems, data processing and curation services, and crowdsourcing. Create and commission bespoke GIS solutions with Movate.

  • Network design services leveraging a 3D line of Sight, 3d GIS mapping services, and penetration analysis for RF and wireless networks
  • Analyze, visualize, and monitor multi-dimensional, layered datasets comprising land features, networks and assets, and high-velocity sensor data streams.
  • Conflation and accuracy improvement with machine learning

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Driving impact

  • Automated process to detect data integrity issue on published maps
  • Configurable solution by region to identify data quality and placement issues
  • Automated transliteration for faster POI analysis
  • Automated system for POI extraction with features such as automated image quality check, POI completeness, multi-POI addition, cross validation
  • Geo-Intelli system having AI-ML based APIs for extraction of data from images
  • Automated dashboard for instant review of progress and Analytics
  • Enable last-mile data access to field agents on handheld devices / laptops
  • Data migration/ conversion using FME and other GIS tools to common map format
  • GIS consulting and assessment support for customized solution

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