Performance management increases agility and CX for a large private bank

Performance management


The client is a private bank working as a microfinance lender and started operations in 2007. The bank operations are in India and have 400+ branches across the country to serve customers. The bank invests a lot in technology to enable a digital framework for transactions. They currently offer banking and financial services to their customers.


The micro finances banking segment under the banking sector is a fast-growing section that encourages customers to invest, and operate financial instruments with the least complexity. It is also equally challenging as there are many banks offering competitive packages and deals across the counter.

The client is investing a lot in the digital framework. With this view, they were looking across the board to fine-tune services, improve transaction response rates and give their customers a great experience from wherever they are located. These banks don’t enjoy privileges like their large counterparts, yet they have tight rules and norms to comply with. The client, being aware of these changes wanted a digital framework to power their application landscape, giving customers an adept one-stop solution.


Movate started with providing application servers and expanded into the following areas:

  • Application development & support
  • RPA
  • Performance engineering
  • Helpdesk services

Application Development Services:

Banks utilize different applications to process customer transactions. All these applications access a common core suite known as the core banking services. Bank applications have complex interfaces requiring access to external applications for data feed, statutory and compliance.

Our team provides application development and maintenance support. We provide support for over 20 customer facing applications. There is a robust and process that is built for application releases. The applications go via unit testing, manual testing and automation testing before UAT (user acceptance testing).

We deployed a 40+ member team that worked on development. The client’s technology framework runs on technologies which include:

Technology Stack Database
Java Oracle
Angular MongoDB
ReactJS DB2
Spring Boot  
Programming Platform
Appzillon & Apache Canvas

Captive Development Center:

The Captive Development Center (CDC) comprises of frontend & backend developers and automation testers. This is a separate team created for the client. The CDC runs hardware and software supplied by the client and is completely secluded. This team provides support for the client’s application development initiatives.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA was proposed to improve customer experience and operational excellence by increasing performance, efficiency, and agility. Using RPA, bots execute actions that fasten customer transactions and decrease turnaround time for handling requests. These increase efficiencies, handling and closing more requests than manual efforts.

RPA is used after selecting the right business candidates. Business candidates are processes that have defined input and output values at every stage of the workflow, and which can be captured and reproduced. UiPath is the RPA tool used to automate the client processes. We identified 6 processes and enabled RPA with others following suit. The following table shows the efficiency in driving operations via bots.

Scope/Process Tickets/Month Traditional (TTR) RPA (TTR)
Anti-Money Laundering Alerts Validation 4400 30 min per ticket 3 mins
Relationship Manager Tagging 13,288 1.5 0.5
Account Blocking 2024 1 0.5
Closed Service Request 352 2 0.5
Recurring Deposit- Draw Down Maturity 242 2 1.5
Post Disbursement Document Updation 396 2 0.5

 Performance Engineering Services:

We started services in Jan 2016 with MAPD (Mobile Application Development Platform) application. The engagement spanned over 4 weeks and included Performance Testing and a deep analysis of root causes.

Our engagement started with a discovery phase. We investigated their application landscape, tabulated all our findings/scenarios, and cross-checked with the client team on every step, across simulations and test runs.  With greater transparency shown at both ends on the process, methodology, technology, solution, and reporting, the client was satisfied with our approach.

The engagement was a great success yielding 50% performance improvements. This enabled the client to sign up multi-year contracts to performance test other applications. We have revamped 3 major (including MADP) applications for the client and ensured that one of their applications supports 1500 users without any bottlenecks. Following are the PE services provided for the client:

  • Load testing
  • Stress testing
  • Breakpoint testing
  • Endurance testing

Performance labs:

Performance Testing is a critical part of application development as it signs off on an application’s speed, stability, and scalability factors. The goal of PE is to find out and remove all performance bottlenecks by simulating real world conditions. Detailed reports are analyzed and then application codebase is fine-tuned accordingly. Most enterprises don’t have an ideal PE testing facility as there are factors like network connectivity, load factor, network throughput, response time which the PE team needs to commission. Getting these privileges on a client network is not always an easy take.

We mandated an exclusive lab setup to accelerate this process. The client provided 4 exclusive machines to test their all customer facing applications before go-live. The client was provided excellent feedback with the overall outcome, as they had clear visibility and control over application releases. They had the advantage of generating accurate data to benchmark applications effortlessly.

Application helpdesk services:

We provided L2 application helpdesk services with 10 agents to help customers with their application L2 support needs. Currently we support 22 applications and process more than 1300 tickets a month. Tickets are logged in by agents either through voice or email and the resolution is provided within the set SLAs. Support is executed from Chennai, India.


  • Enhanced application resiliency: With ADM and PE services, we accelerated application’s responsiveness, availability, and concurrency by 50% giving the client a higher end customer satisfaction
  • RPA: RPA streamlined the defined application processes, increased reliability, process improvements, cost reduction, improved productivity, improved quality and increasing customer delight
  • Increased scalability: PE services scaled all applications to handle 1500 users at any given point in time giving them a massive 4X difference in speed. This meant more customers could log on and experience their services concurrently

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