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Outsourcing product support services to the Philippines

The main function of any product organization is to create a strong network by establishing contact with customers and providing them with the required support during the lifecycle of the product. Known as product support services, they cover the entire range of activities, from solving technical issues to teaching users how to use the product. These services maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Taking an evolutionary path of its own

Customer care services contain integral components that are designed to provide holistic support to customers and are empowered to address customer needs adequately. A key element is technical assistance involves troubleshooting problems related to the product purchased. Whatever the issue, hardware or software, timely technical assistance can help reduce downtime, increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. Gen AI technical support services have changed the outlook of customer care services in recent times.

Besides support, preventive maintenance can help prolong the life of products and avoid potential problems. Routine inspections, overhauls, and maintenance allow preventive mitigation of the risks, and ensure the products perform as per promise.

Customer education programs and training are also important elements in the support service system. By offering customers the complete know-how about the product’s workout, features and best practices businesses can enable them to benefit from most of their investments. By conducting workshops, webinars and online tools, users will be able to upgrade their skills and thus maximize their efforts in the software they choose. Digital technologies have fueled a dramatic transformation of product support systems beyond fast service with remote and self-service options. Remote troubleshooting takes place via phone, chat, or video conferencing with support staff and is an effective way of resolution. The use of self-service portals and knowledge bases help solve customers’ issues by themselves, due to which a customer feels to be in control of his situation. Philippines is among the most sought-after destinations for outsourcing product support services. In fact, the business environment in the Philippines is changing today, and product support services are being given more prominence. The outsourcing industry in Philippines is growing at the rate of 8-10% every year.

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While superior enterprise product support services are critical, it is equally important to work with the right  Philippines outsourcing provider to ensure seamless customer service.

The Movate factors that enhance product support services

The Philippines outsourcing success story

In a developing country, such as the Philippines, the service sector is undergoing a radical reformation which includes digitalization, and the adoption of disruptive technologies like Gen-AI driven IT helpdesk services among consumers. As a result, electronic product manufacturers, appliance makers, and software developers, among others, are finding a bigger need for technical customer support with gen AI to meet the growing market demand. Enterprises are starting to understand that they have to make huge capital investments in an all-encompassing support system to separate themselves from each other in this competitive market.

The omnichannel support system has transformed the customer support industry extensively across the world, and Philippines is no exception. This is supported through various channels such as the phone, email, chat, and social media. It enables customers to find the assistance they need. This multichannel approach directly addresses the choice of the customer and presents an opportunity where customers can get help whenever and wherever they want. Philippines is another offshoring industry that has transformed itself to a center for multinational companies for their customer support services and have chosen local businesses for their support services operations. It has enabled job creation, and many talents have been brought forth through the development of specialized talent in technical support, customer care and multilingual customer support.

On the other hand, the geographical location of the Philippines is in close range to some of the most  significant markets in the Asia-Pacific. This provides enterprises with real-time assistance to their end user customers across different times zones. On top of all, this competitive edge enables corporations to provide quick solutions and to improve their customer satisfaction and keep the customers loyal. Such services are finding takers when hosted in other countries that offer similar environments like India, Colombia and Costa Rica, which have Movate delivery centers. Lastly, enterprise product support services play a non-replaceable role as they ensure customer satisfaction and increase the effectiveness of products. Movate’s comprehensive enterprise services provide a full stack of high-value, customized services that help businesses achieve operational efficiency and stand out from the competition. With decades of experience supporting disruptive technology and XaaS companies, the team helps clients simplify their tech ecosystems with innovative offerings and operations. From consulting to implementation to managed services, Movate covers the entire enterprise product experience lifecycle, and provide proactive support for today’s dynamic and hybrid technology landscapes.

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