Contelli Experience Center

Contelli Automation Center simplifies enterprise IT management and operations with advanced automation and AI. It enables cloud and infrastructure lifecycle management with cloud cost governance. It leverages an ML layer to detect repetitive IT issues and recommend potential remedy and improvement areas enabling the overall enterprise system to improve with minimal intervention.

Contelli Personalized Virtual Agent

Contelli’s Personalized Virtual Agent, a conversational AI solution that provides instant help to employees for IT support issues. Virtual Agent (VA) engages with employees through natural conversation and provides them solutions instantly without any human intervention. Contelli VA helps customers to improve efficiency, enhance employee experience and enable business transformation across the digital workplace.

  • Autonomous resolution – over 40% of the tickets can be resolved instantly, without any human intervention
  • Ticket acceleration through triaging – more than 95% of tickets can be assigned to the right resolver group yielding a reduced MTTR.
  • Ticket acceleration through approvals automation: Reduce approval cycles from days to minutes
  • Cost reduction across IT, HR, Finance ops
  • Enhanced employee experience and productivity

Contelli Digital Experience Center (DEC)

DEC leverages analytics and insights collected from digital engagement points (device, network, and application) to improve user experience. The platform takes predictive and proactive actions based on insights provided by monitoring parameters. Some of its key features are –

Predictive CSAT – Monitor device and user experience scores and proactively identify issues and ways to troubleshoot them before they occur

Self-healing – with 400+ pre-built scripts to resolve commonly occurring device issues, accelerate the adoption of self-healing for your employees

Software optimization – Gain insights into software usage and allocation based on user persona and take corrective actions to reclaim, share or retire software.

Integration with virtual assistant to proactively engage end users

Device compliance – enforce compliance and security based on user groups and personas

  • Improve resolution time of IT issues and overall digital experience
  • Up to 40% reduction in support calls and increase productivity.
  • Up to 20% savings on software licenses by optimizing software usage & allocation based on personas

Contelli Digital Engagement Solutions

Contelli Digital Engagement brings together the right blend of IT solutions for customers to deliver highly personalized yet standardized to the core IT support experience. This is achieved by bringing together best of both high-touch and digital solutions.

High Touch Solutions –

Genius Bar Interactions – An interactive walk-up desk experience for all IT needs including lounge, smart locker, vending machine, kiosk, demo zone, and repair zone

Virtual Genius Bars – a cost effective virtual interface based remote IT support with the agility of anytime access through KVM over IP and video conferencing

Smart Lockers and Vending Machine – self-service device replacement, loaners / spares, and accessories provisioning

Digital Solutions –

Digital Ecommerce App Store and Device Store – An intuitive digital engagement medium that empowers employee with ease of access of consuming entitled applications and software at their fingertips with a PlayStore like experience.

Smart Remote Support – Enhance remote support for hardware and software issues with augmented reality based visual technical assistance using a digital platform such as use of camera, mobile app, AR / VR

  • Improve the resolution time of IT issues and the overall digital experience
  • Up to 40% reduction in turnaround time on request fulfilment
  • Up to 30%~40% contact Deflection to Self Service

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Experience channel-less freedom

We have the omnichannel capabilities to provide seamless no-stitch experiences to your customers and remarkable business outcomes at lower costs.

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Driving impact

  • Supporting 160K customer’s associates and 123K vendors for a tech company
  • Blend of digital and human-led support with a superior user experience and quality assurance
  • Increased resolution rate from an average of 22% to 75%
  • End-to-end digital workplace solutions for 3000 associates for an adtech company
  • Device Lifecycle as a Service with UEM & workplace engineering
  • Secured workspace and smart desk support
  • Managed GSuite (Collaboration) platform provisioning & support
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Smart asset management and self-service provisioning

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