Why ‘resenteeism’ is a slow poison


HRKatha – March 27, 2023

Employers should be quick on their feet to identify the causes of resenteeism in the workplace, which include feeling overworked, undervalued, experiencing peer inequity, having limited career growth and development opportunities, experiencing favouritism, and a lack of concern for employee wellbeing.

Anish Philip, chief people officer, Movate, opines that there are several tactics that employers can employ to combat and address ‘resenteeism’ in the workplace, including fostering an atmosphere of transparent communication, providing adaptable work schedules and making mental health assistance available.

According to him, it is important to establish wellness initiatives, educate workers about the value of taking time off when unwell, appoint wellness counsellors, assess job workload and demands, and cultivate a positive organisational culture.

What can be done?

Identify the root cause: It’s important to identify the underlying reasons why employees are feeling resentful and unhappy at work. This may involve having a conversation with them to understand their concerns and challenges.

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