Movate Edison delivers business outcomes and ROI in CX


In the age of platform wars where CX pros seek to get that extra edge over their competitors, MOVATE™ EDISON (Previously known as CSS EDISON™) shows it has a mind of its own. The intuitive thinker finds a place in the strategic arsenal of every decision-maker wanting to retransform and get ahead in a competitive landscape. The platform emerged as the 2021 Gold Stevie Winner for the best use of technology in customer service. Let’s discover the journey and what makes this product a cut above the rest. Discover how Movate Edison drives business outcomes and delivers ROI in CX, transforming customer experiences with innovative solutions.

The Coming-Of-Age Story

Let’s be clear, the platform is certainly not a new kid on the block. Pandemic or no pandemic, MOVATE EDISON was never an afterthought but a gradual evolution over the past 5 years to morph into a product that’s ready to adapt for tomorrow. Having started as Digital Contact Center (DCC), the upgraded version now known as MOVATE™ EDISON is built on 3 pillars: Customer Engagement, Intelligence and Insights, and Associate Amplification. “The journey thus far has witnessed the upgraded avatar taking the market by storm—3 pillars, 4 strategies, 6 outcomes. Clients get the real deal,” remarked a design thinker from the Innovation Labs team at CSS Corp (Now known as Movate). A sharp eye on the agent experience (engineers or associates), CX, and outcomes mean MOVATE EDISON holds a tight reign over the support ecosystem.