Movate FinOps platform’s unleashes a 27% reduction in Cloud OpEx for a Healthcare startup

Movate FinOps

About the client

Our client is a US-based medical services aggregator whose secure web services platform is used by large healthcare organizations and employers to connect and provide healthcare and patient services to customers. Their state-of-the-art platform exceeds current data regulatory standards and can interface with any practice management/work comp data system reducing administrative burdens and faster response times. Unlock a 27% reduction in Cloud OpEx for a Healthcare startup with Movate FinOps innovative platform. Optimize costs today

Client Challenge

In the dynamic realm of cloud infrastructure, adherence to stringent regulations like HIPAA is imperative for healthcare organizations. Our client embarked on their cloud journey with AWS Dedicated instances to ensure HIPAA compliance. However, an unexpected challenge arose as using Dedicated instances propelled their cloud operational costs to unprecedented heights.

During an internal audit, a crucial revelation came to light – customer data stored within their environment remained unencrypted at some network volumes, a direct violation of HIPPA compliance. The mandate for data encryption at rest was glaringly absent, underscoring a pressing need for both compliance and financial optimization.

Movate Solution

Unlocking Efficiency with Movate

Here, the journey converged with Movate, a strategic ally with a single mission: to navigate the intricacies, optimize expenses, and enhance compliance security. Recognizing the situation’s urgency, the Movate team swiftly conducted comprehensive due diligence, delving deep into the intricacies of the client’s infrastructure.

Movate’s Mission: To unearth the pivotal factors steering cost escalation and chart a path toward optimal efficiency. The revelations were illuminating:

  • The client’s software landscape had no per-core licensing obligations.
  • Substantial server underutilization, with 80-85% of provisioned disks remaining dormant.
  • All EC2 instances were subject to on-demand pricing, Bypassing potential savings.
  • The absence of autoscaling and load balancing triggered EC2 overprovisioning.
  • A significant underutilization of provisioned IOPS within the DEV and QA environments.
  • A significant number of Elastic IP’s lay reserved but unassociated. 
  • A subpar data replication strategy, coupled with substantial offloading of data from AWS Cloud to on-premises for backup.

In response to these insights, Movate harnessed the transformative capabilities of Movate’s FinOps platform. A strategic blueprint was executed, culminating in the deployment of the AWS Compute Savings Plan. Dedicated EC2 instances seamlessly transitioned to Shared Tenancy EC2 instances, while server resources were meticulously optimized for efficiency.

About Movate FinOps

Movate’s FinOps solution is a cloud-native ready-to-deploy platform with the following capabilities:

  • AI-driven anomaly detection to identify cost spikes, unusual spending patterns, or unexpected charges.
  • Provide actionable insights on how to resolve detected anomalies and optimize cloud spending.
  • Real-time anomaly alerts with 99% potential false positive elimination.
  • Show-back and chargeback mechanisms with budget management and cost optimization recommendations.

Figure 01: Movate’s FinOps Solution built on AWS Cloud-Native Service

Implementation Details

Implementing cloud optimization through Movate’s FinOps platform brought a remarkable transformation for the organization. The client witnessed a dynamic shift in their operational landscape by meticulously addressing the root causes uncovered during the due diligence phase. Beyond financial gains, data encryption at-rest fortified compliance, meeting HIPPA standards, and mitigating the risk of potential data loss. Leveraging the power of AWS Config to detect configuration drift ensured that the infrastructure remained aligned with intended configurations. Integrating AWS Systems Manager (SSM) and AWS Lambda empowered proactive remediation, ensuring automated responses to configuration anomalies. This proactive stance fortified the client’s cloud environment, ensuring continuous alignment with best practices and enhancing operational reliability and optimal cost-efficiency standards.

Business Benefits

  1. Migrating to shared tenancy EC2 instances and with rightsizing reduced costs by 19%.
  2. AWS Compute plan increased cost efficiencies by 42%.
  3. Data encryption met HIPPA standards and reduced data loss.
  4. Proactive approach enhanced reliability and cost-efficiency.


In conclusion, the collaborative effort between the client and Movate exemplifies the transformative impact of innovative cloud optimization strategies. The client achieved substantial cost reductions, fortified their compliance posture, and bolstered operational reliability through meticulous analysis, strategic implementation, and cutting-edge AWS tools. Movate’s FinOps platform emerged as the guiding force, illuminating a path toward sustainable efficiency in the cloud landscape. This success story symbolizes the limitless potential that arises from collaboration and innovation. Movate’s FinOps platform epitomizes this potential, propelling the client and businesses toward a horizon of excellence within the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing.