Movate helps a fortune 500 company maintain business continuity during the pandemic


The client is a Fortune 500 global technology company offering communications, network services, security, cloud solutions, voice, and managed services. It has a global presence in North America, LATAM, Asia Pacific, and EMEA.

The Client Challenge

The client provides technical services to customers through a network of service providers. They found it challenging to ensure low operational costs and manage customer experiences. Their focus was to increase customer experience by reducing AHT. They were looking for the right partner to help them reduce costs, consolidate their vendor network, and increase customer satisfaction in the long run.

Engagement background

Movate had been the client’s preferred vendor for over 18 months handling 50,000 calls across six business divisions providing 24X7X365 L1 technical support and customer service. It was the only vendor who could provide support from day one for their recently launched CRM referred to internally by the client as “Smart Desktop.” By sensing headwinds early on, Movate could minimize service disruptions by ensuring a continuous and consistent support framework through its proprietary RESILIENCE framework.

Engagement summary

The engagement talks about how Movate helped a Fortune 500 company maintain a business-as-usual momentum throughout the pandemic. Movate provided diverse L1 technical support, repair LOB support, and CRM support for smart desktops across multiple channels and geographies. The engagement highlights the need for business resilience that can withstand adversities with prompt speed and agility, and at scale.

Movate solution

Unprecedented headwinds: Delivering resilient support despite the odds

 The recent pandemic has been a crisis and has affected everyone, including our client. Call center volumes surged as the global workforce could not provide support operations due to lockdowns. Despite prevailing conditions, Movate was able to successfully establish a 100% Work from Home (WFH) model within 48 hours and provide support, while other reputed service providers for the client were unable even to achieve 5% WFH in this timeframe. Our WFH model reaffirmed our client’s trust and helped us replace a large vendor. In doing so, the client offloaded a significant amount of support volumes to us, which we could absorb without any dip in quality or SLAs scaling up 3.5X in a quarter. We also leveraged automation to reduce call wait times and meet volume surges.

The heart behind our response to the pandemic-related lockdowns was our proprietary RESILIENCE framework that aligned and motivated employees to see opportunities and innovate to achieve goals. It is a shining example of the tight integration between people, process, and technology – the core mantra that drives our commitment to clients. The engagement has seen an increase in agents, and we are onboarding more virtually.