Gig Support Increases CX for an American 3D Design

Gig Support
About the Client

Our client is an American multinational software corporation that makes software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries. Gig Support model enhances CX for American 3D design firm.

The Client Challenge

The client’s software is the industry’s standard design tool for making complex and complicated products that end up in the real world. They have a vast customer base, and their support teams get swamped with challenging and difficult questions. Finding the right solution to these challenges becomes tricky as agents cannot effectively manage the incoming queue. With attrition looming high, the client needed a quick and easy-to-implement solution to ease the pressure on agents, lower attrition, save costs and bring back CX.

Movate Solution

Bringing on the gig model

Movate studied the client’s situation and decided to onboard the client on a gig support model (MOVATE™ OnDemand) that would become the perfect antidote for the situation. MOVATE™ OnDemand comprises the following components:

  • On-demand gig peer experts
  • Full-time experts
  • Automation Platform

Movate harnessed the OnDemand Expert’s network. These are freelance experts who are well-versed in the needed technical domains. Unlike support centers, these are professional architects and engineers generally having more than ten years of experience.  This real-world experience reduces support time and provides unapparelled authenticity and empathy. MOVATE™ OnDemand gives priority to experts first to close cases faster. Experts only choose the cases they can answer, providing a reliable customer experience.

MOVATE™ OnDemand works from the ground up by first identifying whether an incoming request can be resolved with automatic deflections using advanced AI/ML algorithms that let the customer tackle the case with user-friendly options. Cases which not deflected are redirected to an expert to answer the question. The answer is reviewed by different experts, pruned, and upvoted to receive the maximum score that promotes it to be the best answer. All these processes occur in the background as the customer engages in real-time with the expert.

The gig model proved its mettle when one of the client’s delivery centers in Japan went down. Gig experts rose to the occasion, increased their presence, and brought down the support queue backlog to manageable limits within a week without needing any agent backfill or training. MOVATE™ OnDemand can also seamlessly divert calls to a traditional support model using MOVATE™ Edison for agent-led support in cases where agents are required.


With a gig support model, the client does not need to worry about sourcing skillsets, identifying experts, or training them. Freelance experts are available by the dozen (various tech domains with over 100+ international language support). Based on the need, they can be scaled up or down to provide the needed support with no investments at all. Gig experts, unlike traditional agents, aren’t behind firewalls that have limited access and training cycles that could interfere with how they process support queues. Instead, these experts bring real-time knowledge and updates to technical support that enhances the quality, time, and efficiency of responses which accelerates CX.


  • Consistent CSAT > 90%
  • Cost reduction of 67% by harnessing experts
  • Support provided in 17 international languages (5 native, 12 translated)
  • First Response Time under 10 mins

About Movate

Movate, formerly CSS Corp, is a digital technology and customer experience services company committed to disrupting the industry with boundless agility, human-centered innovation, and relentless focus on driving client outcomes. It helps ambitious, growth-oriented companies across industries stay ahead of the curve by leveraging its diverse talent of over 11,700 full-time Movators across 20 global locations and a gig network of thousands of technology experts across 60 countries, speaking over 100 languages. Movate has emerged as one of the most awarded and analyst-accredited companies in its revenue range.