Empathetic support through a gig model for a leading manufacturer of outdoor products and automobiles

About the client

Our client is a global company which designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes motocross, enduro, supermoto and street motorcycles.

Client Challenge

The client was consolidating their recent commissioned support centers and wanted support to be flawless despite the fact they were starting up. They wanted all customers to experience seamless support. Anticipating swells in support volume across their varied product lines, they were eager to implement gig-based support and automation to bolster their support requirements.

Movate Solution

Movate understood the client’s need and proposed the following scope of work:

  • Ensure a cohesive user experience at scale
  • Provide support which is rapidly scalable at ease with no additional effort
  • Create and manage FAQs with gig peer experts on frequent customer queries
  • Create consistent experiences across product lines by streamlining workflows and agent and customer experience

The client was on the job of improving their stance with their customers and they wanted to have a cohesive solution that they can monitor and control. They wanted a support solution that could scale up and down without incurring costs or time or effort. Movate onboarded the client onto their OnDemand platform. Movate OnDemand is a gig support ecosystem that compliments a traditional support setup and augments the support scope by dynamically scaling up or down as per the need. Movate OnDemand is a separate platform that has authenticated peer experts to provide support scope. The larger workforce plugs itself depending on the need and adjusts to the incoming load automatically. The most striking advantage of OnDemand is the quality and efficiency of how support requests are handled and closed; it is support delivered on demand literally.

The gig support workforce helped the agents create and manage FAQs on trending customer queries. With automation, the system deflected calls through FAQs  – reducing the agent’s need and time for every call. Smart routing brought in efficiencies and roped in the best available agents only when call deflections could not close cases. This reduced the agent’s workload and optimized the system.

Business Benefits

  • Delivered enhanced conversations that were more empathetic, productive, and positive conversations with customers
  • 95% CSAT score
  • 11% improvement in First Contact Resolution
  • 12.6% incident resolution with automation
  • $1.9M savings achieved over the course of the engagement