40% TCO reduction using an efficient WFM solution for a US-based leading cloud communications company

About the client

The client is a US-based cloud communications provider of residential telecommunications services based on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). They have products across unified communications, contact centers, communications APIs, home VoIP phone service providers.

Client challenge

The client was having a tough time balancing out multi-vendor OPEX costs while improving customer experience across their global delivery centers. They wanted to optimize and streamline operations, especially customer service across all centers and ensure optimal resource utilization with productivity improvements.

Movate Solution

Movate created a scope of work for the solution implementation as follows:

  • Develop a CX workforce augmentation framework to improve cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies.
  • Strategically plan and allocate resources based on project requirements, skills, and timelines.
  • Ensure a smooth and seamless transition from the existing workforce model.
  • Facilitate the smooth integration of workforce into client’s IT environment, providing necessary training and orientation.
  • Onboard the client on the MSP model

Movate started off by revamping the CX workforce. It implemented a CX workforce augmentation program that took care of handling agent load according to the demands. This framework was used to plan the workforce, provide training, assessment and QA which was aligned to the client’s objectives. This team was also responsible for planning and allocating resources based on project requirements and skills. We liaised with their internal IT teams to ensure that the transition to the new workforce regime is seamless.

We mirrored the client’s contact center setup with high-end monitoring and security infrastructure. We had communication and domain experts take up command center operations including ticket, incident and problem management to ensure optimized operations across the board. We provided them end-to-end workforce management, real-time monitoring, streamlined processes and productivity enhancements. We successfully migrated the workforce setup to the newly mirrored one without any breaks or interruptions to customer service across their global locations.

Switching over to MSP

The MSP (Managed Services Partner) engagement model is an alternative to the standard FTE cycle as the billing happens on the actual output or active subscribers or actual output of the client – creating a win-win situation for both parties involved. Movate has been providing technical support for the client’s residential line of business and moved over to the MSP model by 2019. Movate handles both support and retention for the client and has transformed the engagement to become a self-sustaining one, because through exemplary customer support we are able to solve customer challenges paving the way for customer stickiness and retention. The support is provided by 60 agents from Chennai while retention being currently handled out of Manilla.

Business Benefits

  • Realized a substantial 40% reduction in operational expenditure with efficient WFM.
  • Successfully fulfilled 92% of talent needs through precise staffing.
  • Created a skilled workforce pool for contact center operations, deployable in under 2 weeks.