40% boost in sales using insights-driven selling for a leading American telecom equipment company

About the client

Our client is a US-based, 30-year-old telecommunications company engaged in providing data, video and telephony systems for homes and businesses.

Client Challenge

The client wanted to improve its sales funnel and retain customers. Their sales figures weren’t painting a healthy picture. The client wanted its sales teams to improve on the way they handled customers and their requirements. They were keen to implement recommendations got from customer data to build better customer engagements leading to better prospects. They were looking for a partner who could hand hold them and implement the solution.

Movate Solution

Movate’s team studied the client’s situation and arrived at the following scope of work as follows:

  • Drive inbound and outbound sales, identify opportunities for SQL generation
  • Support out-of-warranty customers and proactively identify opportunities to cross-sell and upsell
  • Leverage data insights on high-value customers enrolled in high-tier support plans and offer customized product recommendations
  • Devise and implement strategies to enhance overall sales and optimize sales conversion rates.

Building the sales funnel

Movate’s first step was to ensure the sales pipe was good. The team started to focus on building credible leads through aggressive inbound and outbound calls. Sales representatives were given special training workshops that helped them improve their communication gaps, helped them understand customer situations and make tweaks to their calling strategy to build winning, promising outcomes. The agents were incentivized according to their performance and they had targeted coaching. Customers who had subscribed to high tier support plans were given the option of further customization and product upgrades as per their support levels. Movate implemented a revenue sharing model that transformed into a mutual beneficial partnership paving the way for sustainable business collaboration. The team started to upsell and cross sell plans to out of support and warranty customers as a measure to bring them back into the fold and retain them with new product offerings. 

Business Benefits

  • 40% increase in overall sales with the targeted program
  • Doubled sales conversion rate from 3% to 6%
  • Bolstered customer loyalty and retention with insights-driven revenue-generation services