11% sales conversion improvement by fleet optimization and cross-sell upsell for a global smart mobility company

About the client

Our client is an international mobility service provider with about 2,000 locations in more than 100 countries. They are active in the business areas of vehicle rental, car sharing, ride-hailing, and subscription services.

Client challenge

The client is the field of car rentals -a competitive market that is defined by other big players. They were facing challenges with fleet management, providing optimal customer experience. They also faced frequent technical glitches as they tried to implement technological-based solutions which did not work out to their need. They wanted to overhaul the situation and provide a better customer experience for all their customers.

Movate Solution

Movate’s team identified the challenges and brought in the solution through the following scope of work:

  • Manage inbound calls, emails, and tickets of end-users.
  • Handle end-to-end reservations and post-reservations queries, and FAQ inquiries on rental requirements, station network, vehicles, and payment methods.
  • Summarize document calls/emails and fulfill customer requests, such as modifying invoices, granting discounts, and generating vouchers.

Movate created a team that would handle all inbound, outbound calls and tickets to understand customer needs and bracket them as possible for seamless customer handling. We also trained the agents to identify possible prospects that could become SQLs at a later stage. The team started to evangelize agents and helped them improve their product knowledge. This helped the agents respond to queries faster and improved CX. Agents could now upsell services or cross sell services as the case maybe -thereby retaining customers and improving the revenue margin. We helped the team handle the entire reservation cycle which includes enquiry, reservation, FAQs, fleet network, vehicle and payment methods. We also helped them create retention campaigns and targeted promotions towards end users with a proactive and personalized approach boosting CSAT and improving loyalty.

One key aspect that most customer service workflows don’t pay proper attention is feedback and closures. If implemented properly, this can be a lifesaver. We implemented a robust summarization module that summarized emails, fuilflied document requests like generating invoices or discounts.

We gave the team a real-time insight dashboard with a data analytics engine that showed all the data to indicate new customer trends, target markets and data that can improve car rental services. The dashboard gave the client real-time visibility on key changes, helped them steer their strategies and be prepared for new opportunities.

Business Benefits

  • 11% improvement in sales conversion rates through effective cross-selling, upselling, and targeted promotions
  • Consistently met the CSAT goal of 3.8
  • 20% improvement in first call resolution by adequate agent training and smart routing
  • >15% reduction in call abandonment rate by minimizing wait times and optimizing agent availability