Forrester now tech: multicloud managed services providers, Q4 2020

multicloud managed services providers

Forrester Now Tech report on MultiCloud Managed Services Providers, Q4 2020 mentioned CSS Corp (Now known as Movate) in its overview of 31 Multicloud Managed Services Providers (MMSPs). Forrester defines an MMSP as a set of suppliers offering services such as monitoring, patching, and other operational “run” services for multiple public cloud offerings, not just a single public cloud platform.


Infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals can use MMSPs to deliver greater maturity in cloud governance, accelerate innovation and strategy at scale, and address skills requirements. The report highlights the value from an MMSP and recommends selecting a partner based on size and functionality.

The report provides an overview of the MMSP market based on market presence and functionality and recommends selecting vendors based on these criteria. MMSP market includes vendors of 3 categories in terms of MMSP revenues: large established players, midsize players, and smaller players. The report breaks the MMSP market into four functionality segments:

  • Global systems integrators (GSI)
  • Hosting providers & telcos
  • Cloud specialists
  • Managed services providers (MSP)

Based on the MMSP revenue category, CSS Corp (Now known as Movate) is included in the Small providers category (< $100 million) with primary functionality as a GSI in the MMSP market.

GSIs offer significant breadth across multiple clouds. GSIs generally have broad and deep capabilities and usually cover diverse geographic locations. They simultaneously work in cloud-oriented environments and traditional infrastructure environments; GSIs possess significant infrastructure and applications management capabilities. Forrester rates GSIs “high” across these functionality capabilities: business strategy service capability, multicloud build service capability, multicloud migration service capability, multicloud modernization service capability, applications management service, and vertical industry solutioning.

Forrester advises I&O professionals to align individual vendor solutions to their organization’s needs and offers them an overview of vendors with details on functionality category, geography, vertical market focus. Concluding recommendations include matching MMSP to the requirements of the cloud journey (current & future roadmap) as suppliers differ in their respective competencies.

“Now Tech: Multicloud Managed Services Providers, Q4 2020” is the right place for I&O professionals to decide on the right MMSP.

The report elaborates on 3 essential points to reckon while selecting a partner:

  • MMSP’s pricing model;
  • Single-cloud solution providers as viable alternatives; and lastly,
  • Caveats in hyperscaler MSP certifications.

As companies strive to fast-track the maturity of their multicloud reality amidst COVID-19, attracting sufficient expertise to hasten cloud journeys is crucial and hard to find. Click here to access the complete report (available to Forrester subscribers or for purchase).