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Pioneering Customer Success with Microsoft’s Premier Solutions Through Our Expertise.

Microsoft Gold Partner

Movate, a distinguished Microsoft Gold Partner, is committed to driving transformation and fostering growth for our clients.

Movate takes pride in delivering Microsoft Cloud Services through the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, offering proven guidance and best practices. This empowers our customers to confidently embrace the cloud and attain their desired business outcomes.

Our team of experts is wholeheartedly dedicated to comprehending your unique business requirements and customizing Microsoft solutions to perfectly fit your needs. We have extensive experience across various industries and technologies, underpinned by our Microsoft Center of Excellence. This ensures that every time you engage with Movate, you receive the highest level of expertise and unwavering support.

Our Services
for Microsoft

Movate is committed to providing exceptional support and guidance throughout your cloud adoption journey. Whether you need assistance with migration, optimization, or managed services, Movate is here for your business’s best interests at heart.

Data Analytics on Microsoft Azure

  • Embark on a data-driven journey with Movate’s advanced Data Analytics on Microsoft Azure solutions.
  • Our offerings seamlessly integrate data processing and visualization, utilizing Azure’s capabilities to empower predictive analytics and real-time insights.
  • Movate transforms your data into a strategic asset, uncovering patterns for optimized operations and informed decision-making.
  • Achieved a 15-20% increase in Data Processing Speed, boosting efficiency for the retail sector.
  • Increased a remarkable 25-29% enhancement in Decision-Making Speed, fostering productivity for the Manufacturing unit.
  • 10-22% decrease in Data-Related Downtime, ensuring uninterrupted operations for Telco.
data Analytics from microsoft gold partner

AI and Machine Learning

  • Discover the frontier of AI and Machine Learning on Microsoft Azure with Movate.
  • Our solutions leverage Azure’s robust platform to propel your business into the future, offering cutting-edge capabilities for predictive analytics, automated decision-making, and unparalleled insights.
  • Achieved a 17-22% increase in predictive accuracy for healthcare, leading to more precise healthcare solutions.
  • Secured a 15-19% improvement in customer engagement for financial services, resulting in stronger client relationships.
  • 24-29% reduction in anomaly detection time for aerospace experiences, ensuring smoother operations for IT.
AI and Machine Learning from microsoft gold partner


  • Embark on a secure and agile software development journey with Movate’s DevSecOps solutions on Microsoft Azure, seamlessly integrated with Git Repo of your choice.
  • Our approach combines the power of Azure’s cloud infrastructure with Git’s collaborative development platform, ensuring a robust and secure DevSecOps pipeline.
  • Achieved 24-28% faster release cycles, making their processes significantly more efficient for IT.
  • Achieved a notable 18-25% reduction in security vulnerabilities, enhancing data protection for Banking.
  • 20-25% reduction in downtime, ensuring smoother operations for Manufacturing unit.
DevSecOps solutions from microsoft gold partner

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

  • Transform your desktop experience with Movate’s services for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD).
  • We specialize in configuring and optimizing your virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure, providing a secure and scalable solution for remote work environments.
  • Movate ensures a seamless transition to AVD, offering enhanced flexibility and centralized management.
  • Achieved substantial cost savings, with the potential for a 10-16% reduction in expenses for retail.
  • Improved operational efficiency, leading to a 24-29% reduction in downtime for Telco.
  • Sped up project deployment by 15-25%, ensuring quicker results for e-Commerce.
microsoft gold partner - azure virtual desktop

Configure Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

  • Embark on a hybrid cloud journey with Movate’s expert services for Configuring Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure in Microsoft Azure.
  • We specialize in seamlessly integrating on-premises and cloud resources, optimizing your infrastructure for flexibility and scalability.
  • Movate ensures a smooth configuration process, leveraging the hybrid capabilities of Microsoft Azure to enhance your IT environment.
  • Achieved remarkable Infrastructure Cost Savings ranging from 19% to 24% for Media
  • 27-30% improvement in workload scalability, allowed to adapt quickly to changing demands for Manufacturing.
    •14-17% resulted in enhancement in data accessibility, ensuring vital information was readily available for decision-making and business growth for Telco.
Configure hybrid cloud infrastructure with movate

Modernization of Web Applications to Microsoft Azure

  • Revitalize your digital landscape with Movate’s Modernization of Web Applications on Microsoft Azure.
  • We specialize in transforming legacy web applications, harnessing the full potential of Azure’s cutting-edge features.
  • As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Movate offers a strategic approach, ensuring your web applications not only meet but exceed modern standards.
  • Achieved a significant 19-24% performance enhancement enabling them to thrive in a highly competitive market for Retail unit.
  • Accelerated 25-28% faster Responsiveness resulting enhanced efficiency and customer satisfaction for Finance sector.
  • 40-50% reduction in downtime reduction significantly improved the operational reliability and customer experience for a Retail unit.
movate is a microsoft gold partner- modernize your web apps with us

Application Containerization

  • Embark on a transformative journey with Movate’s Application Containerization services on Microsoft Azure.
  • We redefine agility, seamlessly containerizing applications for optimal performance, scalability, and rapid deployment.
  • Movate’s expertise ensures a tailored approach, maximizing the benefits of Azure’s cloud infrastructure.
  • 20-30% increase in cost efficiency, adding significant value to their operations for Education sector.
  • 25-29% boost in scalability, enabling them to better serve their clients and meet their goals for IT sector.
  • 10-16% improvement in resource optimization, leading to enhanced productivity and sustainability for Energy sector.
microsoft gold partner - application containerization

Intelligent Digital Workplace

With Movate’s intelligent Digital Workplace Services experience best in class delivery and support for Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online, User management and Workplace Security using data driven decisions and recommendations.

  • 45K mailboxes managed for Manufacturing customer
  • Administation of 10K Share Point sites for an Insurance company
  • 10-15% Increase in productivity for a eduction sector customer.
microsoft gold partner - creating intelligent workplaces

Solution Accelerators

Movate Contelli

Ai- enabled automation platform to accelerate cloud-native application development and cloud migration with 4000+ pre-build automation scripts

CloudAdapt- Cloudification Framework

Accelerates the application discovery and identify the optimal targeted infrastructure to host the application

Cloud Reference Architecture

300+ blueprints for designing and implementing cloud-based solution. It serves as an eanbler and accelerator for organizations for cloud adoption by offering best practices, design patterns and implementation guidance.

Driving Impact

Why Movate?

Microsoft Gold Partner

A long-standing relationship with Microsoft, elevated to Gold Partnership level in 2022. Our expertise includes cloud platform and connectivity, Azure Cloud Services, and Microsoft 365 Cloud Productivity.

Industry Recognized

Over 40 engagements delivered successfully over consulting, assessment, implementation and managed services for Microsoft customers, more than 75 active cloud engagements

Experience across domains & tech

1500+ Microsoft certified professionals globally. Our teams have strategically engaged with customers for more than a decade to deliver quality programs across M365, Security, Azure cloud etc.

Microsoft Center of Excellence

Dedicated Microsoft COE with 100+ certified experts across MS technologies like Azure, M365, Security & Collaboration. 30+ technology and industry aligned GTM solutions like Edison, Contelli and Insights built on Microsoft technologies

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