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Why become a gig expert on Movate OnDemand?

If you are a Microsoft user who knows and understands Windows OS thoroughly, then here’s an opportunity earn extra cash for helping customers with their basic questions about these products. And what’s even better is that you choose the questions you want to answer, whenever it’s convenient for you! Apply now, help the Microsoft community, and earn extra cash!

microsoft community expert - become a gig expert and earn cash

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Movate OnDemand Microsoft Windows gig customer service. This platform matches user queries to the right Windows experts who understand their products in-and-out.

Once you register as an expert, you get alerts/queries from fellow Windows users on your mobile devices. You could then help them out and earn rewards & reputation points based on your answers.

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Microsoft Community Expert

Why you should become a customer care expert for Microsoft

Help on the go

Get notified on your smartphone about questions you’re qualified to answer

Earn rewards

Earn rewards for providing answers and assisting other experts, on your schedule.

Make people happy

Collect testimonials by providing fast, personalized help to customers in need.