On-demand Experts

What are On-demand Experts?

On-demand experts refer to a global network or community of professionals with whom enterprises can engage on an on-demand basis. They offer specialized knowledge, niche skills, and support without being full-time employees or having long-term contracts. 

Challenges in on-demand expert

While employing on-demand experts offer significant advantages, certain challenges must be considered:

  • Matching the Right Expert: Identifying the perfect expert for your specific needs can be difficult, especially with limited information or credentials.
  • Communication and Collaboration: Geographical distance, time zone differences, and varying communication styles can hinder effective collaboration.
  • Data Security and Confidentiality: Sharing sensitive information requires robust data security and confidentiality measures.
  • Cost and Pricing Variability: On-demand services can be more expensive than traditional methods, and pricing can vary significantly between platforms and experts.
  • Technical Challenges: Technology platforms used to connect clients and experts can experience disruptions, impacting workflow and communication.

Why and where is the Need for On-Demand Experts?

On-demand expertise traces back to the late 20th century when consulting firms served mainly large organizations. While freelance professionals also offered specialized services, connecting with them was difficult—the rise of the internet around 2000 simplified client-expert connections through online platforms. Today, in a dynamic and complex business environment, specialized product or service expertise is crucial. 

On-demand experts offer a flexible and cost-effective solution, mirroring the gig economy and catering to the need for agility and efficiency. Businesses can now tap into a global pool of skilled professionals for project-based work, leveraging diverse expertise without long-term contracts and overhead costs.

On-demand experts empower diverse industries, from tech to healthcare and finance, by tackling specific contact center challenges and optimizing operations. Their expertise spans customer experience design, technology integration, and more. Movate’s flexible model allows rapid scaling of expertise to meet seasonal fluctuations or new initiatives. Directly OnDemand experts bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions, helping contact centers elevate service quality, boost agent productivity, and ultimately achieve business goals. Know more about the fixed-to-fluid model of a contact center.

The Future Trends in OnDemand Experts

With the development of technology and evolving cultural trends, on-demand professionals have a bright future ahead of them. Artificial intelligence and automation are poised to significantly impact the ecosystem, while decentralized platforms powered by blockchain technology could revolutionize the space by ensuring transparency, security, and fair compensation for experts. Experts predict a future characterized by collaboration, knowledge sharing, and continuous innovation through platforms designed to facilitate these interactions. On-demand services will remain a crucial component of the modern economy, contributing to increased efficiency, agility, and talent access across diverse industries.

Benefits of On-demand Experts

The benefits of on-demand experts include:

  • Elastic Network: Access a vast pool of pre-vetted, gig peer experts passionate about delivering exceptional customer support. Get started quickly with minimal training.
  • Precision Routing: Advanced algorithms match customer intent with the best-suited expert based on their real-time performance and reputation score.
  • Expert Reputation: Recognizing and rewarding top-performing experts creates a thriving ecosystem of knowledge and continuous improvement.
  • Peer-to-Peer Learning: Experts collaborate and learn from each other, ensuring your customers always receive the highest quality support.
  • Unparalleled Scalability: Blend the flexibility of gig specialists with the stability of full-time expertise for unmatched scalability and experience.

Business Outcomes

On-demand experts are transforming businesses, with a significant impact on contact centers. They deliver powerful business outcomes, including reduced wait times, increased customer satisfaction, optimized workforce management, and improved operational efficiency. By leveraging expert knowledge for complex inquiries, multilingual support, and compliance guidance, contact centers can enhance the customer experience and gain a competitive edge.

For example, during the most hectic or peak seasons of the year, when sales is soaring. Directly OnDemand experts manage the spike in support requests to ensure support requests are resolved and customers are happy. See the case study on how a Movate’s client ramped up their team by 50 times to support their customers.

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