The shift to a fluid model of the contact center

Fluid contact center model

Contact centers have come of age, but the current reality is the inherent inflexibility with how they have evolved. By default, today’s contact center operations hinge on planning and forecasting based on limited set of variables within the leaders’ purview. Omnichannel experiences, agent empowerment, and meaningful customer interactions seem elusive. Discover the advantages and strategies behind adopting a fluid contact center model for improved operational flexibility and customer satisfaction. Learn how this modern approach enhances responsiveness and agility in managing customer interactions effectively and efficiently.

Are they delivering frictionless, personalized, predictive, and proactive experiences? Most important of all, are leaders deriving the maximum ROI from the present traditional model of their contact centers?

“The key to CX improvements will be GenAI that helps customer service agents answer questions faster, better and resolve CX issues on first contact, leaving customers feeling heard.” – Forrester 2024 predictions.

This infographic succinctly covers data points, challenges, disruptors, and presents the approach of Fluid contact center model toward being future-ready and driving business outcomes.