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MOVATE CONTELLI (previously known as CSS CONTELLI™), an Intelligent Automation Cloud Platform for Hybrid IT operations, is up and about something these days. It won the Stratus Award for Cloud Computing in the September of 2021 from the Business Intelligence Group. The recognition hails cloud innovation and differentiated offerings in the market. The cloud platform beats rivals at their own game, and there are valid reasons for it. But before going into the reasons, imagine the scenes of March 2020 when the pandemic set in. Contact centers, retail stores, banks, and other services were scrambling to move their IT infrastructure to the cloud. In this hybrid era, the cloud has become a strategic imperative for digital transformation.


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Now, back to MOVATE™ CONTELLI. Behind the popular clout that the platform enjoys, it stands as the industry’s only cloud platform that made good on its promises by helping enterprises make the shift at a crucial time. During the pandemic, MOVATE™ CONTELLI was at the top of its game. Clients enjoyed revenue generation opportunities, improved profit margins by up to 20% through faster feature releases, exceptional service levels, zero-trust security control, and minimal downtimes.

Plumb The Depths of IT OPS

MOVATE™ CONTELLI is loyal to the core of IT infrastructure. Like a scuba diver, the platform gets to the bottom of the ocean bed of IT operations to provide a unified view of the entire infrastructure. If there’s a specific definition for  MOVATE™ CONTELLI,  it’s the convergence of human and machine intelligence. The resilient and intelligent automation platform for hybrid IT-OPS offers a 40-60% reduction in TCO besides these advantages:

  • 360-degree view of enterprise IT infrastructure.
  • Autonomic resolution and self-heal plummet the mean time to resolve by 3x.
  • Predictive monitoring pre-empts 70% of security vulnerabilities.

The platform increases overall operational efficiency by 30-40%. Here’s a graphic that captures the offerings and value to clients.

Movate - Award-winning cloud platform

Optimized and Efficient IT Infrastructure. Real-time visibility, insights, smart IT OPS analytics.

Value All the Way

The platform is custom-priced based on the client’s environment and lays to rest any qualms about security, lock-in period, transition cost. IT decision heads notice differentiating traits unseen in any of the rival products in the market today. Empowered with AI capabilities, the platform is all ears to decipher the infrastructure and manage the IT environment smartly. The changing business demands of the hybrid era deems capabilities such as automated capacity planning, intelligent provisioning, cost management, resource optimization, and integrated zero-trust security. The customizable, modular, and flexible platform adapts to multi-cloud, on-prem, hybrid, and multi-technology ecosystems.

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The convergence of AI, RPA, Automation, Augmented Reality means IT heads witness faster resolution and improved business uptime. AR revolutionizes the way customers receive IT support and the way field engineers deliver services. Decision-makers planning to modernize their IT OPS will benefit from self-provisioning & self-healing infrastructure, on-demand capacity management, algorithmic operations, proactive security threat prevention, predictive analytics.

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MOVATE CONTELLI has tanked IT operations cost by 56%, hastened infrastructure provisioning by 2x, quickened time-to-market by 5x, surged uptime by 99.95%, and delivered consistent CSAT above 95%. As you chalk out cloud strategies, consider MOVATE CONTELLI  to modernize operations, improve CX and employee experience.

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