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Why join the Contributor Expert Program?

You can earn extra cash for helping contributors with their basic questions about Shutterstock. You choose which questions you want to answer, whenever it’s convenient for you! They’re generally “how-to” kinds of questions that you already know how to answer from being a frequent Shutterstock contributor.

You will need to take a short skills test to determine your knowledge of the company you’d like to provide support for. Take your time; it’s meant to be challenging! Feel free to search for any answers you are unsure of, however usage of AI in answering the questions is prohibited and can result in rejection of your application. Good luck!

Why you should become a customer care expert for Shutterstock

Help on the go

Get notified on your smartphone about questions you’re qualified to answer

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Earn rewards for providing answers and assisting other experts, on your schedule.

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Collect testimonials by providing fast, personalized help to customers in need.