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The growing market of tech product companies in the Philippines

The Philippines is a market that has seen substantial growth in the tech product landscape. Considering this growth, a complimentary growth of support services outsourcing to the Philippines for tech product companies has also seen a steep rise. While an in-house technical support team plays a crucial role in maintaining system functionality and customer satisfaction, their capabilities can be stretched thin as a company grows. Outsourcing technical support to specialized BPO companies in Philippines offers a viable solution. These firms not only provide extensive services but also bring numerous benefits that can enhance a company’s efficiency and competitiveness.

The necessity for technical support within any company is undeniable, especially in an era where digital presence and operations are pivotal. This is crucial for tech product companies in Philippines as well, because this helps the product team to concentrate on their core business, while the non-primary functions are taken care of by the support team.

Benefits of having a support team for tech product companies in Philippines

  • Cost efficiency and global talent access: Outsourcing technical support allows companies to benefit from cost efficiencies due to the competitive nature of global BPO markets. As per Gartner, outsourced services can help save costs ranging from 15% to 20%. Providers in regions like Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe offer access to a skilled, educated workforce at a lower cost compared to domestic hiring. This setup helps companies manage their budget more effectively while accessing top-tier talent.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Scale is one of the most important advantages technical support outsourcing offers. A flexible support model helps the BPO or contact center to scale up and scale down based on demand fluctuations or seasonal variations in demand.
  • Focus on core competencies: Outsourcing technical support functions to cost-effective BPO services in the Philippines is what the tech product company needs to do to concentrate its available resources on central business areas such as product development, customer relations, and planning. By doing this, businesses will be more focused on core business areas which will elevate them to a higher level of productivity and innovative ideas that will sustain over time for profitability.

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  • Enhanced technical potential and service standards: BPO companies are brought in to provide technical services, making sure that their technical staff go through specific training and certifications. These qualifications might be too costly or time-consuming for in-house teams to obtain independently. At the same time, these outsourcing firms are widely depicted as technology-savvy in their routine operations and can provide the best quality service commensurately minimizing turnaround time and customer complaints.
  • 24/7 service and multilingual Support: Shifting technical support services offshore has a vital implication. This helps in preserving the service quality when operating in different time zones or may periodically offering a non-interrupted service. Further, BPO service providers can also provide multilingual customer support, which is another attribute many companies might need when aspiring to have a global impact and to face the diversity in clients effectively.
Movate as a trusted value partner for offshore outsourcing in the Philippines

Outsourcing specialized support to countries like India, Colombia, or Costa Rica is a solution with two benefits– It helps internal teams by reducing their limitations and improving service quality, flexibility, and cost management for the organization. It gives a striking boost to organizations, because, they can capitalize on the knowledge of expertise and technologies delivered by BPOs like Movate. Movate has strategic alliances with technology experts like AWS, Google Cloud, etc, which help enhance the quality of services and CX being offered.

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