EVP & Chief Business Officer – DCX

Chris Condon

About Chris Condon

Chris Condon, based in Colorado, is the Executive Vice President & Chief Business Officer – DCX (Digital Customer Experience) at Movate.

With over 25 years of expertise in CX, technology, and delivery solutions, Chris plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s Go-To-Market strategies for DCX and driving new business development initiatives.

Throughout his career, Chris has held various leadership roles within a leading technology and digital services organization. At Movate, he spearheads the strategy and expansion efforts of the Digital Customer Experience business, overseeing sales and account management responsibilities. His extensive experience and visionary leadership are pivotal in propelling the growth trajectory of the DCX service line.

Chris has spent over 22 years at TTEC, starting in operations and eventually moving on to sales leadership. His most recent role was Chief Revenue Officer at TTEC Digital, and he previously managed the North American Sales division of TTEC Engage. Prior to TTEC, Chris managed contact center operations at Merrill Lynch with a focus on corporate equity plan administration services.

Chris graduated with a degree in economics from Colorado College. Outside the corporate hustle, he enjoys coaching his kids in hockey and lacrosse and enjoying the thrilling outdoor recreation of the San Juan mountains, like skiing, MTB, rafting, and unwinding to live music of many genres.