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What if your best customers provide world-class support?

Movate OnDemand

Reimagine customer experience with the power of gig

Movate OnDemand is an ecosystem of on-demand services that combine the power of a gig platform built on patented technology with gig peer experts to provide an elevated, personalized and frictionless peer-to-peer support experience across multiple channels. Movate OnDemand focuses on providing empathetic support to generate up to 90% CSAT and resolution rates, with a 95% satisfaction level.

A gig support platform with a difference

  • An elastic network of peer experts Leverage a highly scalable elastic network of experts
  • Reputation engine for continual performance improvement Score-based smart routing encourgaging continuous performance improvement
  • Patented intent analysis and routing Real time customer intent identification and best match expert routing
  • Peer quality review process Peer-driven continuous review and feedback improving service delivery
  • Flexibility and convenience for gig experts Empowering gig peer experts to solve problems based on specific expertise

Why Movate OnDemand

  • Highly cost-effective 30-40% less as compared to traditional customer support
  • Success-based pricing model Pay only for resolved tickets to gig peer experts
  • Efficient and scalable Intelligent automation and AI to automate repetitive requests
  • Empathetic customer experience Personalized resolutions for customers

Movate OnDemand has already delivered

  • $ 20M Cost saving
  • 1.5 Min Average response time
  • 20% Improvement in CSAT score
  • BEST CSAT out of all CX delivery models


Transformed customer experience with personalized support

For one of the biggest gaming companies

  • Provided 24/7 access to technical gaming experts
  • Leveraged AI/ML to identify and resolve repetitive questions
  • Quickly scaled 10X to answer an influx of new questions
  • Offered global support in 10+ languages

Business outcomes delivered

  • 1.8 Million Resolved tickets
  • 1.5 Min Average response time
  • 307k cases Resolved with automation
  • 87% CSAT score


Streamlined complex requests leveraging peer-to-peer support

For an american multinational software company

  • Provided 24/7 access to technical product expert
  • Managed end-to-end complex questions at scale
  • Supported 17 languages (5 native, 12 translated)
  • Cleared queries backlog in < 1 week

Business outcomes delivered

  • 5.2k Complex tickets resolved
  • 21 Min Time to first response
  • 94% CSAT score
  • 67% Cost reduction


Movate OnDemand increases CX for a professional networking company

  • Challenged with extensive response times
  • Leveraged OnDemand’s expert network solution
  • Resolved 20% of tickets via automation

Business outcomes delivered

  • 190k Tickets resolved
  • 50% Cost reduction
  • 9 International languages supported
  • 84% CSAT score
  • 3.9 sec Average response time

Level up your customer support with

On-demand Gig peer experts + Full time experts + Automation platform

  • Cost-effectiveness: Costing 30-40% less as compared to traditional customer support
  • Leader in On-demand support for Fortune 500 brands
  • Unprecedented CSAT scores: Delivering 20% higher CSAT ratings which improves customer retention and customer lifetime value
  • 12,000+ full time support service experts for traditional support
  • Empathetic customer experience: Delivering personalized resolutions to customers
  • More than 5000 global peer-to-peer experts across 60+ countries
  • Highly elastic network: Scale up and down by 4X with no additional effort
  • Industry leading privacy & security standards & compliance
  • Right expert at the right time: Leveraging patented intent analysis and routing to identify experts for high-class resolutions
  • Channels supported: Email, Messaging, Web, Voice, IVR, Digital
  • Highly efficient: Leveraging intelligent automation to automate repetitive service requests
  • Ability to support 100+ languages

How can you engage with us?

There are three core engagement models that can be further customized per client’s requirements.